“My office workers will never come back to their desks,'' said CEO jope.  

Many offices are adapting Hybrid Work Model in the office where employees won’t be asked to come to the office 5 times a day. Hybrid work mode will be used in many offices where employees will be allowed to work from home for a day or two and rest of the days they will be asked to come to the office.  

Hybrid Model in office has improved employees performance during the covid. The whole world is fighting against the fast spreading coronavirus whereas office workers never stopped working.  They adopted the idea of Hybrid Model in offices due to which employees have shown more efficiency.  

Will this Hybrid Model work for the long term?  

CEO jope, whose company is one of the biggest, said the maker of Dove soap, Lipton tea and Ben and Jerry’s cream would do what it can do to make vaccines available for its workers, but “in a very principled way”.  

Even though this covid 19 effect is reducing all over the world, people have never given a second thought to getting rid of the Hybrid Model of working in an office.  

The Hybrid model in office is appreciated by all the employees of the office workers and many offices are considering not to switch to a 5 day a week working plan again.  

Work from home will not remain the same, at least 3-4 days employees will be asked to hit the desks and rest of the days they can work from home.  


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In Image: He's a CEO Jope who claims that my office workers will never get back to their desks 5 days a week. He will continue Hybrid Model in offices.