A sudden spike in Covid-19 cases has given a jerk to people, if we talk around 14,000 new cases are registered in the country in around the last 24 hours.  But the majorly cases increased in the five states around 86 percent and most of the cases were reported in five states as per the union ministry data. As per the data of the ministry, the major cases were reported from Maharashtra at 6,971, other states followed were Kerala with 4070 cases, Karnataka with 413 cases, Tamil Nadu with 452 cases, and Punjab with 348 cases.

Apart from Maharashtra, Punjab, and Kerala, Tamil Nadu while the other two in the list of increased COVID-19 cases are Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. As indicated by the information, the country's dynamic caseload as of Monday remained at 1,50,055 cases, which is 1.36 percent of the complete positive cases. The Health Ministry expressed that seven states or UTs have not revealed any new cases over the most recent 24 hours. 

On Sunday, the Centre had kept in touch with five states who are witnessing the speedy surge in the Covid-19 cases and deciding on the policies of how to curb it. While India's aggregate inspiration rate remained at 5.20 percent on Sunday, the Health Ministry said that the country's public normal week after week energy rate was 1.79 percent. Maharashtra had revealed the most noteworthy week after week Covid-19 (8.1 percent), trailed by Kerala (7.9 percent). The service had likewise said that the week-by-week inspiration in Maharashtra had expanded from 4.7 percent to 8.1 percent. 

The Centre has advised the five states to improve testing by expanding the extent of RT-PCR tests; to guarantee that all negative Rapid Antigen Test results are obligatorily trailed by an RT-PCR test; uphold severe observation just as rigid control in regions, including regions arising as group zones; and to screen freak strains through testing. 

Some Reasons Which Be Cause of Drastic Surge In COVID-19 Cases:

If we talk about the reason for this sudden surge is unknown, as testing has not been stopped or decreased, may the Lockdown restrictions be lifted by allowing election rallies in the various part of the country, the festivals, as well as public gatherings such as marriages, political activities also been the reason of an increase in active cases. The SOP of COVID-19 is not being followed accurately, people are not using masks, or sanitizing hands, or following social-distancing. The government is putting all the efforts to ensure that cases go down, but the people should also follow the SOP set for that.