The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) released a new order regarding passenger tickets. Amounts ranging from 30% to 75% of the ticket must be refunded if an airline service business downgrades a passenger's ticket, cancels it without warning, or refuses to let him board. The new regulations will take effect on February 15.


75% amount to be refunded on domestic flights.

Companies will now be required to repay 75% of the price of domestic aircraft tickets. The tax that was applied to the ticket is also included in this. Additionally, as applicable for international passengers, 30% of the ticket price for flights under 1500 kilometers, 50% for flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers, and 50% for flights over 3500 kilometers. The passengers will need to receive a 75% refund. The tax that was applied to the ticket is also included in this.


DGCA is in action, and two more tough decisions have been taken recently.

DGCA officers are constantly taking action against Air India, who was fined 30 lahks in the urine case. Following the recent urine controversy of Air India flight from New York to New Delhi, the DGCA fined the airline Rs 30 lakh. In addition, DGCA revoked the pilot's license for three months.


Rs. 10 lakhs fine on Paris-Delhi flight incident.

The DGCA took action against Air India on December 6 for failing to disclose the second instance of urinating on the Paris-Delhi route. As a result, the DGCA fined Air India Rs. 10 lahks. On an Air India aircraft from Paris to Delhi, a drunken male passenger allegedly peed on an empty seat and a female passenger's blanket.