The pandemic has changed set rules for everything around us, many new things have come up to help us in adopting new changes. 50 new features such as Classroom, Chrome, and meet have announced by Google. In Google Meet, teachers are given more control so it can be managed easily with options such as finish meetings for everybody, mute all students, moderation tools, and more. The new Google Meet features are going to be rolling out later this year.

Teachers will soon be ready to end meetings for everybody on the decision, including in breakout rooms. This is because often students stay on even after the teacher has left the decision and create trouble. Within the next few weeks, teachers will get the choice to mute all participants directly. Google also will give teachers the choice to regulate when students can unmute or mute themselves. This feature will roll call in the approaching months.

Google Meet on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android will get access to moderation controls like who can join meetings, use the chat, or share their screen to save time from unnecessary ruckus created by the students. Google is additionally adding emoji reactions for college kids in Meet. This feature too is going to be under the control of teachers and admins.

Google is additionally making Classroom and Meet work together better. Meetings generated from Classroom would require teachers to hitch first and Meet also will know who is on the Classroom roster. Every teacher in Classroom is going to be a gathering host by default, and meetings that are not from Classroom also will support multiple hosts.

Google Meet’s admin console is additionally getting the choice for college leaders to plan who can join their school’s video calls and whether people from their school can join video calls from other schools. Google said it has also made “significant improvements” to the performance of Meet on Chromebooks for better audio, video, and multitasking capabilities for the user.

Google is working on the process of improving the grading system on the android app to ensure that the teachers can easily evaluate who has submitted the assignments to grade them as well as they can simultaneously share the comment. Google is additionally updating its education suite with features like saved drafts in Google Forums for Education Fundamentals and Google Meet meeting transcripts for users on Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus.

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