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To expedite the passport verification procedure, the Central Government has introduced the "mPassport Police App." This procedure will expedite passport verification while assisting in fast passport renewal and issuance.


Ministry of External Affairs released this information.

The introduction of a "mPassport Police App" to greatly streamline and accelerate the passport issue process was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday. Police verification, according to the Regional Passport Office in Delhi, is an essential component of the passport-granting process. Several measures have been implemented to simplify and accelerate the procedure. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the app "mPassport Police" to further speed up the procedure.


Home Minister Shah's announcement.

Amit Shah, the union home minister, presented 350 mobile tablets to Delhi Police Special Branch employees on Thursday in observance of Delhi Police Foundation Day. By doing this, the real police verification and report submission procedure will be digital and paperless.


According to officials, using a tablet to verify will shorten the process's 15-day turnaround to just five, pushing the passport issuing deadline by ten days. According to the Regional Passport Office, "Digital India" and effective service delivery are top priorities.


In the past, Delhi set a 14-day deadline for conducting police verification. The officers from the neighborhood police station used to visit the applicant's home in this situation after receiving the application for verification. He used to write the report after that and send it in offline mode. It used to take more than two weeks to complete this process. The new approach will now use technology.


The entire procedure won't involve any paper. Instead, the tab will contain the app developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The police verification officer will visit the applicant's home after receiving the online application and offer the final report after completing the entire process through the app, standing at the door.


The tablet's GPS function will also report whether the verification officer has visited the applicant's home. As a result, several candidates may be verified using this software in a day, the police officer claims.