Risk During COVID-19: Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India as well as around the world. At the moment, this dangerous disease has made more than 5 lakh people prey in the world. While in India, 5,66840 people have been affected. At the same time, the Government of India has entered the second phase of opening the lockdown. Even now, places like schools, colleges, religious places, gyms, cinema halls, swimming pools, bars, etc., across the country will remain closed until 31st July. In Unlock 1.0, many companies had started calling their employees to the office. While it is the compulsion of the people to go to work, it will not be a threat to the rest of the people to get out of the house at this time.

If you're also thinking of stepping out of the house, don't do these 5 things by mistake:

1. Do not exit without masks, hand sanitizers, and tissues:

It does not matter why you have to go down for a while or go to work, it may be risky to go out of the house without masks. According to WHO, you must also keep hand sanitizer and tissue with masks when exiting the house.

2. You think the virus is over:

It is important to understand that even though the restrictions are decreasing in the lockdown, it does not mean that the virus has ended. Therefore, precautions such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distances, and washing hands several times a day are still necessary.

3. Going out for shopping:

The pandemic has adversely affected the economy of countries around the world. So, almost all the markets have been opened. Your heart may be eager for shopping, but it is good to be shopping online instead of going to the market yourself. Your priority during this pandemic should be to save money. Therefore, spend money only when needed.

4. Don't touch things when you go out:

Most people are exiting the house in connection with the work. With the rest of the precaution, keep in mind that you do not touch anything outside.

5. Be updated about coronavirus news:

Indeed, all of them are constantly suffering from reading bad news related to coronavirus. However, it is equally important to stay updated about the corona. So that you keep defending yourself and your family.

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