There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm everywhere about the New Year's celebration. Even many of you have made a tour plan, so many people would have made party plans. This is a time when our focus is mainly on things like catering, music and dance shows, shopping malls or carnivals in clubs, Bollywood nights. Among all this, we are not able to pay much attention to how to reach home after the party or event site, and we rely on taxi services like Ola, Uber, but if you do not take precautions, your New Year's celebration may be eradicated. It is common to have a late night at the New Year's celebratory party. Most people do not like to go in their car. Especially after a drink at night, it is not safe to drive. Cab service like Ola, Uber is the only option to reach home after the party. It is not very right to take cab service at night if the incidents are taking place in many cities of the country, especially in metro cities. Some people are just waiting for these moments to hunt young people. We should take some precautions.

Before you start your journey after booking the cab, you must check the car model, color, number plate to match the details shown at the time of booking on the cab app. Never ride in a cab other than a booked taxi. The driver's photo is also visible on the Uber or Ola app. When the driver comes with a cab, match it with the app photo. Check that no other person is sitting in the place of the driver. Before you start your journey, you must also click a picture of the car with the number plate and the driver. Before you begin the journey, make sure that the child lock is not activated in the cab! If the child lock is active, you will not be able to open the door from inside. In some cases, if the driver starts to abuse, open the door once to avoid such a situation. Start your journey only if the child lock is inactive.

While the options for booking sharing cabs are also in vogue nowadays, it is always security-wise to book a private taxi. Do you know what mood your co-passenger is in sharing! Even if someone is already sitting inside to book a private taxi, you are not riding. Also, download and keep offline Google Maps on mobile. It will also show you navigation without an Internet connection. Keep watching the navigation of Google Maps until you reach your destination and also ask the cab driver to drive according to navigation. Do not be in a shortcut. Share your current location and live location on WhatsApp with your family, close ones, relatives, or friends before sitting on the cab so that they can know your exact location if needed. It is a reasonable precaution to keep the voice recorder running during a late-night cab trip. In the event of any kind of abuse, if necessary, these audio recordings can later serve as evidence.

Sleep is not needed at all during the late-night cab journey. Also, keep the emergency contact number of the nearest police station. Keep the fully charged power bank and charging cable sit together.

Image credit: ctvnews