Netflix has tried several big bangs this year. But every time they missed every shot. After 'Ghost Stories,' Patrick Graham has brought the new horror story 'Betaal' to Netflix. He has made a three-hour web series instead of a three-hour film. In this web series under Shahrukh Khan's production house, Vineet Kumar Singh and Aahana Kumra are the leading roles. Let's know how successful this 4-episode web series was in a scare...


The story of the web series is of a tribal village. Where the contractor named Ajay Mudlavan is building a highway. But the villagers oppose it. There is an old tunnel that has to be opened and connected to the highway. For this, there is pressure on Mudlavan that the chief Minister is going to worship soon. On the pressure of Mudlavan, the special force named Baz squad reaches the village to evacuate. The head of this force is Tyagi. The team is leading Vikram Sirohi.

When the tunnel is opened after the force village is vacated, an old woman and some tribals in the village stand to stop it by taking a gun. The villagers caution the force and Vikram that there is satan in the tunnel. But they attack the force by declaring them Naxalites. The tunnel is then opened. As soon as the tunnel is opened, the force starts to difficulties. There are some strange devils. Tyagi and half the team become victims of them. Now you have to look at the web series to find out what Vikram will be able to save everyone. Train to Busan, World War Z, 28 Days, or Night of the Living Dead if you have seen it, you will feel why they started watching these series? Vineet Kumar Singh signed the series and earlier in the name of the bard of blood only Shah Rukh Khan's production house, or indeed he was very good at the next meeting.

In the web series, nothing is special except the atmosphere. Everything is visible on average. The four-episode web series has been written together by Patrick Graham and Suhani Kanwar. It has been directed by Nikhil Mahajan with Patrick. Patrick and his team have done average work both in place. The most special thing that seems is action and night vision. You will see that a Hollywood action film has been made. In terms of technology, it may seem right to you. Vineet is a very well-regarded and dedicated actor. It is a problem for those who make these web series that they are not worthy of their character. Aahana Kumra does not cover her character from anywhere. She rightly says that these characters could have been male artists, so what was the need to create a female character? Suchitra Pillai has nothing to do here except to be white black of hair. Jitendra Joshi's character could have become a case if he was written in a manner.

For the first time, some zombies belong to the British Raj. It is unique that he is resorting to guns and bombs. Something like the Pirates of the Caribbean has been lifted. However, it is special that he does not shoot anyone, but he bites. After the bite, the man also becomes a zombie. But he does not do it with everyone, he also captures the minds of the people like ghosts. It does not understand what has been tried to make. The story is quite childish, action has been reported to pursuing it. The plot of the special army entry has been made so weak that you find it strange. Meaning a road-making contractor orders the entire force and also celebrates the leader of the force.

The horror series is exceptional, that it should be scary to see. But this does not happen in this web series. After Ghost Stories, this is Netflix's second web series in which you see everything other than horror. The half-baked story, average acting, and without logic, the scenes bore you. In the web series, the bullets run a lot, but there is not one that goes straight into the hearts of the audience.

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