June 29 is celebrated every year as National Statistics Day in our country to create public awareness about the importance of statistics in socio-economic planning and policy formulation. It is very difficult to complete any major survey, research, and evaluation without statistics, therefore, National Statistics Day is observed on June 29 every year to create awareness about the importance of statistics. The main objective is to sensitize people about the importance of statistics in everyday life and in the process of planning and development.

How it started:

Indeed, June 29 is the birthday of the late Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, an eminent statistician who made a significant contribution to statistics. Because of this, it was decided to celebrate the day of June 29 every year as National Statistical Day on the occasion of their date of birth in 2007. Which is still intact today.

Some important things about Mahalanobis's life:

Mahalanobis was born on June 29, 1893, in Kolkata. He did honors in physics from Presidency College, Kolkata, and moved to London for higher education. Mahalanobis is mainly remembered for the sample survey developed by him. Under this method, samples taken from a large gathering are included in the survey, and then detailed plans are shaped based on the findings received from it. Mahalanobis developed this method with the data of jute crops on certain terrain and how the product could be increased. A number of programs are organized across the country to mark the occasion. Those who make significant contributions in the field of statistics are honored with special awards during the program.

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