On 24, January 2020 is National Girl Child Day, on the one hand, the number of women-related offenses is continuously increasing. When the daughters are not there, how society will move forward. The sex ratio is still craving for equilibrium. Even in adverse circumstances, our girls are keen to earn names in every field. In the recent National Bravery Award, 10 girls also included themselves, whereas 12 boys also were involved.  

National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24th January so that the condition of girls in society is better. They get every opportunity and facilities that boys get without saying. They also have the right to make decisions. Why are these decisions about the house or the private? The biggest reason for celebrating such a program is to change the mindset of the people where boys first and girls come later. Equal participation of girls is essential for building a society that is a must. This day is celebrated as National Girl Child Day due to awareness of the declining sex ratio of girls. This day is now celebrated as the National Girl Child Day on behalf of the Government from 2008 to create awareness in the society about their powers and rights. One of the themes related to this is that Indira Gandhi was sitting in the prime minister's chair for the first time on the same day. So, on this day, they are also remembered.

The country celebrates this day in different ways. There are government events, and social organizations do their own programs. On this day, campaigns are carried out in the name of save girl child. The National Girl Child Day is celebrated on different themes. According to the situation and needs of the State, the Government decides and organizes the subject. A different mindset towards daughters in the country has challenged the confidence of the society as well as the girls themselves. They have a sense of insecurity and inconvenience in their minds. This is why awareness campaigns are carried out in the society on issues like their existence, education, health, development, and safety.

There are 3 main objectives to celebrate National Girl Child Day

Raising awareness about the rights of the girl child.

Talking on stage about the various atrocities and inequalities that girls face.

To explain the importance of girls' education and health and promote it.

Image credit: newsd