'Engineer's Day' is celebrated on 15th September every year in India in remembrance of the great Indian engineer Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya. He was born on 15th September 1860 at Mysore (Karnataka). With the efforts of Visvesvaraya, Krishrajsagar Dam, Bhadravati Iron and Steel and R.C.S., Mysore Sandal Oil and soap factory, Mysore University, Bank of Mysore were constructed. Because of their efforts, the University of Mysore was established. He was honored with the highest Indian honor 'Bharat Ratna' in 1955. Engineers are credited with creative changes in human life.

Highlights of Sir M Visvesvaraya's life:

After his initial studies at Mysore, he enrolled in the Central College in Bengaluru but did not have the fees to give in college, after which he started taking tuition and continued his studies. He enrolled in the Science College of Pune for engineering studies with the local government's help after studying a B.A. in 1881. L.C.E. of 1883 and F.C.E. (The present time of the BTech degree) secured the first examination position. In view of his qualifications, the Government of Maharashtra appointed them as assistant engineers in Nashik. When he started his career in engineering, there was British rule in India.

Visvesvaraya, with his ability, qualifications, and talents, has been given the tough challenge of the big British engineers. They made proper arrangements for providing door-to-door water from natural water sources and proper drainage for sewage evacuation. He was in the role of chief engineer in the construction project of Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in 1932. The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam's construction was not easy because then the cement was not available in the country, but he did not give up and prepared a 'mortar' with other engineers that was sturdy. They built the dam, and even today, this dam is there in Karnataka. The dam was called Asia's largest dam at that time. The dam connects the Cauvery, Hemavati, and Laxman Tirtha rivers. 

Significant contributions made in other areas as well:

Not only in the engineering field, Visvesvaraya has contributed to many fields, but education and engineering were the most important. He was often concerned about poverty and unemployment, and as a result of this, he had increased from 4500 to 10,500 in his tenure. At the same time, many agricultural, engineering, and industrial colleges were also opened so that every child in the country could get a good education. The people know Visvesvaraya for his design and plan of the Jayanagar locality, which is located in south Bengaluru. Jayanagar is one of the best-planned layouts in Asia, designed by Visvesvaraya.

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