In our lives, doctors contribute significantly. In society, the doctor is given the same status as God. Doctor's Day is celebrated every year to honor the doctors. In India also, National Doctor's Day is celebrated every year to honor the doctors. The doctors serve patients, regardless of their lives. We are looking at this round of corona, how the doctors are engaged in service regardless of their lives. Let's know when it is celebrated in India, National Doctor's Day, and the importance of celebrating this Day...

When Doctor's Day is celebrated in India:

National Doctor's Day is celebrated in India on 1st July, i.e., it was started in India from 1991. Since then, National Doctor's Day is celebrated in India on 1st July every year. 

Importance of Celebrating National Doctor's Day:

Day of Honouring Doctors for their contribution:  

National Doctor's Day is a day to honor the doctors. It is dedicated to the doctors one day. On this day, we appreciate the doctors to respect them. In society, doctors are called God. The doctors are similar to God because a doctor tries to help the patient in all possible ways.

Day to remember the contribution of the doctors:

The doctors have been a major contributor to improving India's health facilities. If the doctors do not contribute, our health facilities are not so good today. Today, our country's health facilities are much better, which is a great contribution to the doctors in improving. If our country's health facilities were not good at this time of corona, the situation in the country could have been worse.

This day reminds us of the role of doctors in our lives:

The day of National Doctor's Day has great importance. The doctors work to protect us from many kinds of diseases. This day reminds us of the great role of the doctors in our lives. In general, every family has a family doctor, we must thank our family doctor or the doctor who has treated us.

Often, when someone is sick, we get confused about the doctor to whom the patient should be shown. Usually, we go to our family doctor and then he reefer another doctor. But for a time-saving and emergency condition, you should know which doctor to show for which disease. You also know your doctor on the occasion of Doctor's Day today.

1. General Surgeons:

All these organs can be treated by them. They also treat hernia as well as removing tumors, appendix, or gallbladder. Most of the surgeons also have a sub-specialty of cancer or vascular surgery.

2. Otolaryngologists:

These doctors treat the respiratory system, including nose, ears, throat, sinus. 

3. Pediatrician:

From the birth of children to youth, they are treated by these. Some pediatricians are also a specialty for pre-teens and tins, child abuse, or children's development issues.

4. Anthologist:

They give doses of anesthesia to numb the body during procedures such as surgery, cesarean operation. The Outpatient Operation Theatre (OT) remains in observation until the operation is completed.

5. Gynecologists:

They are also called OB-Gyni. These doctors focus on women's health (Padharanthan and child berths). These pelvic examinations, Padharanthan checkup. Some of these women care for reproductive health and other women.

6. Oncologists:

These internists are cancer specialists. Who works closely with chemotherapy treatment and often radiation oncologist and surgeon.

7. Ophthalmologists:

They are also called eye doctors. They treat glaucoma, cataract, as well as an eye disease diagnosis. Other than an optometrist, these doctors treat, operate all eye-related diseases.

8. Cardiologist:

They are experts in heart and blood vessels. Treatment is done with these doctors when heart failure, heart attack, or high BP and heartbeat are abnormal.

9. Cologne and Rectal Surgeon:

These doctors are contacted when there is a problem in the small intestine, stomach, and bottom. These doctors treat stomach cancer, stomachache, and hemorrhoids.

10. Dermatologist:

If you have problems with skin, hair, or nails or have moles, scars, mouth, or skin allergies, these diseases are treated by dermatologists.

11. Androcraenologist:

They are experts in body hormones and metabolism—treatment of diabetes, thyroid, fertility, calcium, and bone disorders.

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