In the past two days, a viral picture of Kapil Sharma in a wheelchair outside the airport is creating the buzz. Now as the buzz is getting too high around this viral photo and to find out the reason for this the reports are coming As Expected the paparazzi got the job of finding the reason usual, as the headline gets viral that Kapil Sharma on the wheelchair! This is enough news to make the viral news.

There was anticipation going on that what happened to star, some were worried, some were hungry for the juicy gossips, but no one knew the exact reason for this. So, the market of gossip was quite burning with the reason of him being in the wheelchair. Now the mystery is solving!!! Kapil Sharma was in a wheelchair as he suffered a back injury while exercising in the gym that led him to trouble walking thus, he was traveling in the wheelchair.

So that is it. A bubble of gossips by paparazzi got solved and the real reason for him in the wheelchair is out!! A simple back injury that he got in the gym, leading him to take the support of a wheelchair for a walk.