The second-largest e-commerce site in the nation, Myntra, has some exciting news for its customers. You will now have to pay an additional fee to shop on it, which could slightly boost your overall buying expenditure.


Customers will now be charged a service fee of Rs 10 on any order over Rs 1000 by Myntra. The material supplied on Myntra's website indicates that this fee is being assessed for the services provided for offering technical knowledge on its platform, putting all the brands under one roof, and assisting after-sales.


What does Myntra have to say about it?

A Myntra spokeswoman provided information on this and stated that clients pay a very small fee for it in exchange for receiving the best value and a world-class online shopping experience. The business is accepting this small fee to assemble all the exclusive major brands and offer technical and sales assistance. On the one hand, this will help clients have a better shopping experience and, on the other, it will help the business make more money.


The company is already taking charge.

For orders under Rs 1000, Myntra already charges Rs 99, and they have been doing so for almost two years. However, Myntra Insider subscribers who have signed up for its membership program must also pay this cost.


What do experts say?

Experts claim that the hike of Rs 10 will impact the company's customers, even though Myntra has over 50 million monthly users or customers, and its orders typically cost approximately Rs 1400. The base shouldn't be impacted in any way.