The Hindi film Mrs. Serial Killer, released on Netflix just before the third lockdown of the Corona period, is not as bad a film as it has been reported on social media for the last three days. The focus of the Netflix team is now India's metro cities, and it is not included in their plan to reach the large population of the country living in small towns, towns, and villages. And, Mrs. Serial Killer is not for the audience who appreciate quality cinema. This is the film for the audience who enjoys watching films like Ram Gopal Verma.

Hindi cinema is usually made according to its pre-fixed grooves. It is a very challenging task to remove something different from it. It takes a lot of money to make films for theatres, and it takes a lot of effort to make films for digital. In particular, the casting and look of films released on digital means a lot. Shirish Kunder is an excellent general, but his army is weak every time. They should have a good Hindi-knowing person in their team who can teach girls like Jacqueline to speak Hindi. And, they continue to tell them that there should not be too much experiment in post-production and the film should be presented with its originality.

The plot of the film Mrs. Serial Killer is good. The script is not that good. There is a gynecologist. His mental glands are not developed, and he is not familiar with his wife's joke habit. There is a wife whose ex-boyfriend is a police inspector in his city. The police inspector is such that he finds out the whereabouts of the hiding of five corpses as soon as he looks at five plants. There is a triangle of love. The film, which is tried to start with the scene, is able to tie the witness with him. Gradually the film moves forward. The fans seem to understand that something more dangerous than what is visible is yet to happen, and it happens. The story ends with the end of the sequel. Shirish must make a sequel to it and use this film as a lesson.

If you have seen Ram Gopal Verma's film, it will not be able to stop itself from giving herpes to its writer Anurag Kashyap for its texture. Who is counted in cinema flop films Hindi 20 years ago? And, today, it is considered to be a cult film. In English, which is called gory, the bloodstained films, Shirish Kunder has also tried to create the same gruesomeness. Ittefaq and who like songs are not even here. In the case of acting, it adds to a film in the list of Manoj Bajpai's amazing acting films. 

The film Mrs. Serial Killer's weak link is Jacqueline Fernandez. Hard work Jacqueline Fernandez has fulfilled on her behalf, but she needed to practice a good practice Hindi two to three months to do such a character. Technically the camera work in the film is good. The lighting is correct. Background music gets over somewhere but not bad. The daughter of director Mansoor Khan (from apocalypse to apocalypse) has also done a fine job. If a director of some way of his dexterity in action horns is seen, he can find a position in the time to come. Don't look at the film in the lockdown frustration, watch leisurely. By taking time, it definitely helps in cutting time. The average film is two stars. Shirish Kunder would make a little effort and take some better people together, so the film could have become good.

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