Amid the long course of its history, Ladakh was run by a few dynasties that brought their way of life, religion and conventions to this locale, giving it a one of a kind component. There are multitudinous monasteries in Ladkah, some in ruins while others are still running as instructive and religious focuses. They offer a brilliant chance to the explorer to enjoy the Buddhist culture. 5 main monasteries include:

Spituk Monastery

Based on a slope, this Monastery is otherwise called Spituk Gompa. Od-Ide religious group established it in the eleventh century. Small stupas and figures enhance the sacrificial stone. 

Hemis Monastery

It is the biggest Buddhist religious community in this area, having a place with the Drukpa. The most happening celebration in this monastery is Hemis Festival. In this, you can eyewitness the sacred and charming mask dance.

Thiksey Monastery

It is without a doubt the most delightful of all religious cloisters in the district. A fine case of Ladakhi engineering, it is found 17 kilometres to Leh’s south. The monastery has a place with Gelukspa.

Stok Gompa Monastery 

This gompa located to south of Leh is the living arrangement of Ladakh’s royal family. Lama Lhawang established it in the fourteenth century. The library at the religious community holds around 108 books of Buddha’s lessons.

Alchi Monastery 

It got worked in the twelfth century. It is one of the most established Buddhist learning focus in Ladakh. This is the one based on level ground rather than on a slope top and has three fundamental structures.