Due to the crisis of coronavirus pandemic in the country, the Modi government at the center had made a complete lockout in the country for about 2 months, but now it is not possible to lockdown in the same way as it has a significant impact on the economy of the country, so the government has taken the process of unlocking the lockdown in a phased manner. This is now being completed on July 31, and unlock-3 is going to be implemented from August 1, after unlock-1 in the country.

Unlock-3 guidelines released:

Even before unlock-3 in the country, the guidelines of Unlock 3 have been issued on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs today, and this time the guidelines have undergone a number of changes with the removal of night curfew, i.e., the ban on movement of persons during the night, which you can see here, what will open and remain closed during unlock-3 in the country.

Here are some of the guidelines of unlock-3:

  • The Independence Day programs will be accompanied by social dissing.
  • Also, other health protocols have to be followed, e.g., wearing masks.
  • Night curfew has been lifted during night arrivals.
  • Yoga institutions and gyms will be allowed to open from August 5, people will be able to go to these places by following masks and social distances.
  • After extensive discussions with the States and Union Territories, it has been decided that schools, colleges, and coaching institutes will remain closed till August 31.
  • Under the Vande India Mission, a limited number of international air travel has been allowed, the government will make a decision on international flights later.
  • Wearing masks in public places will be mandatory as before.
  • More than 50 people will not be allowed at the wedding ceremony.
  • The funeral will continue to ban the involvement of more than 20 people.

In addition, Metro Rail, cinema halls, swimming pools, theatres, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls will remain closed as before, while the lockdown will continue till August 31 in the containment zone. Whatever exemption has been given on the part of the government is for, outside the containment zone, the containment zone's restrictions will continue.

Guidelines issued on what basis:

It has also been informed by the Ministry of Home Affairs that the new guidelines released today are based on feedback from States and Union Territories, extensive discussions have been held with the concerned Ministries and Departments.

The Ministry of Home Affairs gave this advice:

In the meantime, the Ministry of Home Affairs has advised more than 65 years of age, people suffering from diseases, pregnant women, and children under 10 years of age to stay at home.

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