Sometimes by mistake, you are emailing someone and it goes to someone else, perhaps I am right, this you may have ever happened to you, did I say right? You have to mail your boss and make someone else's mail in the pressure of work. Then you remember that what you have mailed has gone wrong, or sometimes it may have happened that the mail reaches your boss, and then you get a lot of scolding, and you are asked how it happened to you, how you mailed wrong and how many more questions start to arise there. Because many people with the boss have also cc that mail, then your respect goes down. 

From the next day, you don't feel a little good in the office. But do you know that if you have accidentally matched it, you can stop it for some time, you can undo it. Not only that, but you can also recall this accidentally sent mail. There are options that you also have to stop for some time, and the time you give goes after you have scheduled that mail. Gmail is the most popular platform in the world and is the most important platform in professional life. In 2018, the company announced that Gmail has 1.5 billion active users, and since then, the service has evolved several times. The email service has many special features of Google Docs, Drive, etc.

In addition, you can also recall this mail, i.e., these mails will not be there if you have recalled it on time. Then you will get some time to rectify your mistake, it will not even be your honor, and you can correct that mail again or send it once again to the right place. Let's know how we can do it. You don't have to do much for this, just go to your Gmail settings and follow these simple steps. We are going to tell you in just 4 steps how it can be done. So let's start and know.

How to recall email on Gmail?

1- You must first log in to your Gmail account.

2- Then you need to click on the general tap, you need to go to settings first, and then you can go to this tool.

3- Here you are going to see an undo-send option, you have to enable this option.

4- You also need to enter a cancellation period for this here. From here, you can select that range.

5- You then have to click Save Changes, and then you can recall the mail you sent.

6- Now whenever you send a mail, you are going to see the message of the recall, i.e.

7- Now, when you click on this option during your chosen time, your mail will not go to the receiver.

How to use Dark Mode on Gmail?

The dark mode is liked more by people on apps and websites and is being liked more than the light mode. This mode is beneficial for the eyes, but it also works to save battery in the fos with AMOLED display. Open Gmail to activate dark mode on the desktop and click the Settings icon and then tap Themes. Select the dark theme here and click on it and click on save or application option. Go to the menu icon on your android smartphone and find general settings in settings options. Find the theme option here and set it to dark. If your phone runs on the Android pie or lower OS, you won't be able to choose it.

How to schedule an email on Gmail?

Gmail also allows users to schedule emails so that no important emails are left out. Go to the Compose option to schedule mail and type new mail. Write new emails with all the necessary information. Click the Send button as well as the drop-down button option and select the Schedule Send option. Select the time and date at which you want to schedule the mail and tap the schedule.

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