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We frequently forget things because we keep them scattered around or because they disappear while we are traveling. Rarely do crucial documents, such as property papers, exhibit this behavior. However, occasionally carelessness results in even the necessary paperwork going missing. What should someone do if they accidentally lose their property documents?


If you lose the property papers to make a claim, you are out of options. The property will undoubtedly be registered in the sub-registrar's office in your name or the name of someone living in your home, but it cannot be obtained in an emergency. Because of this, it would be preferable to begin creating duplicate papers if the originals are misplaced. The procedure is not particularly difficult. There are three processes in total to get duplicate property papers. It is important to keep in mind that, in addition to losing the paper, you can still take duplicate copies if it is stolen or burned. Inform us of the procedure.


First, register an FIR.

In the police station of the neighborhood where the documents were lost or stolen, you need first file an FIR. You can also submit an online FIR if the local police don't register it. The cops will then attempt to locate the documents. She will provide you with a non-traceable certificate if she fails to do this.



If the paper is not discovered after the police have searched the property records, your next move would be to place an advertisement in the newspaper. You will describe the loss of the property in full detail along with it in this advertisement. Wait a few days after this. Generally speaking, it is suggested to wait 15 days. After that, the paper might be returned by the individual who got it.


Last step

You must apply at the sub-registrar's office to obtain a duplicate document. The same sub-registrar's office where the property was first registered will receive this application. You must include a copy of the FIR, a non-traceable certificate, and a copy of the newspaper advertisement with this application. Here, the application will be approved when you pay a charge. Duplicate property papers will be provided in 15 to 20 days.