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In Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, new guidelines have been released regarding alcohol. By this order, it is now unlawful for anyone over 21 to purchase or trade alcoholic beverages. In addition, no one can purchase narcotics in Lucknow's liquor stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, or other establishments unless they are at least 21.


The decision was taken after a drunken brawl.

JCP Piyush Mordia of the Lucknow Police gave directions, noting that more riots were occurring in the city due to daily adolescent drinking. Fighting among underage people was observed in bars, restaurants, and motels. The police have made this determination.


Strict action will be taken against the manager and owner of the business.

In all hotels, restaurants, bars, and other locations, strict legal action will be taken against the manager and owner of the establishment in question if anyone sells or purchases beer or other intoxicants to a youth older than 21. For caution, notices must be posted inside and outside every business or store.


If the product is made after drinking alcohol, it will be the business's responsibility.

If the product is produced after consuming alcohol, the establishment will be held accountable. JCP Piyush Mordia of the Lucknow Police has also stated in the orders that the manager will be liable for any young fights or other emergencies after drug use at hotels, bars, restaurants, or liquor stores. The owner and manager must hire security guards and install CCTV cameras to prevent this.