If you have more than one bank account and you are not using most of them, it will be beneficial for you to stop them. Because even if you do not use those accounts, you need to maintain a separate quarterly minimum amount. This will be a different headache for you. Let's say that the charges are levied on behalf of the bank for not keeping this minimum amount in the savings account. Also, your credit score is likely to deteriorate. Then it will be best to close the additional savings bank accounts. We are telling you in the news that if you have more than one bank account, how do you close them?

What to do?

First, get a D-link to all the debits linked to your additional account. If you have linked that account to your loan's IMI, you should give your lender another bank account number before closing the account. If you are going to close a previous salary account, you should give new account details to your employer. The fridge even if your pension is coming to that account, you must first update the new account details to your employer.

How to close an account:

You must first go to your bank branch to get the account closed. Go to the branch and fill in the closure form and de-linking form. If you go to the branch to close the account, take the checkbook, credit card, and debit card, which is not worked out, as they have to be deposited in the bank.

How much it cost

In case of closure of the bank account, the customer has to pay some fee, however, within 14 days of opening the account, no fee is to be paid. If you close the account even after one year of opening, the fee will not be paid. If the account is closed in the period between these two periods, the bank's fees are different. For instance, SBI takes Rs 500 as a fee for this.

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