In the smartphone market, companies like Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei have landed folding phones in which users have got the latest camera and processor. Not only that, companies are now engaged in making these devices compact, making the design of these devices very attractive. But, because of this design, the protective glass for the folding phone screen is not available, and there is always a risk of desks on the display. Also, the price is very costly. So, today we will talk to you about some of the points that you will be able to know why folding phones are not the best.

Foldable phone does not get protection glass:

People with ordinary smartphones get screen protection glass. But do not get protection glass for the screen of the foldable phone. That is why there is a danger of a table on the display of such phones.

Foldable phones do not have real glass use:

Plastic glass is usually used for the screen of the folding phone. This plastic glass is prone to scratch on the phone screen to the display table. However, Samsung used the actual glass in the Z flip foldable phone launched a few days ago.

Foldable phone costs expensive:

Companies like Samsung and Huawei have placed the price of their folding phones in the premium range. That is why most people are not able to buy these devices. Let's tell you that last year Samsung launched the Galaxy fold in India with a price tag of Rs 1,64999.

Folding phone repairing costs a rough:

A lot of money is spent on getting the folding phone repair, as the design of these devices is very different and uses modern technology. Let's tell you that the Motorola Razr fold phone is considered to be the most complex device in terms of repairing.

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