All people are at their homes due to coronavirus Covid-19 in the country (worldwide), because there is a lockdown around the world, if it comes to India, the lockdown period in the country has been extended, and in the third phase, it is going to stay in the country between May 4 and May 17. All government and private employees are dependent on video conferencing. That's why we've seen that the demand for apps that offer video calls around the world has also increased, which is why we've seen that the Zoom app is being used globally, although Google Meet App has now come into practice.

Through both these platforms, if you have a conversation with one of your own, etc., you tell you that sometimes there may be some things that can be negated in the future, and you can be let down, so you have an option to record all these video calls. Let's tell you that this feature is available on both the Zoom App and the Google Meet App. You can record your calls on both platforms. Although some people won't know about it, it's possible. Today we're going to tell you how you can record your video calls on Zoom App and Google Meet App, etc. Let me say so that you follow every step through which you can easily do so.

How to record Zoom Meetings?

The zoom app offers this feature for both free and paid subscribers. This means that you can do this very quickly. Although let's tell you that local recordings can't be made on Android and iOS, the cloud recording option is available for paid subscribers. Let us now know how to record zoom meetings.

If you are the host of a Zoom call, you can just click on the record button to record this video call. Also, if you are a paid subscriber, you can choose from the lock and cloud option, that you have to make this type of recording, and just click the record button and record it. Local recordings automatically convert to MP4 files and are saved on your computer as soon as the meeting ends. Also, tell you that you can pause this call from recording at any time, or even turn it off completely. The option is also available here. However, if you are a normal user, you will need to ask your host for some mission, after which you can record the call. For this, you can give you the right to record by clicking on the Allo record by clicking on the peacock by going to your host management participant and selecting the participant.

How to record video calls in Google Meet

Video recordings from Google Meet have been made free for September 30. Also, you can only join Google Meet through your Gmail account. This recording is then available only to users of G Suite Enterprise Account. You can make this recording by following some of the steps below.

When you are in a meeting, you need to click on the three vertical dots that are visible on your lower right corner. You will then have to click on the record meeting option, after which the recording is about to start. In addition, you can also stop this recording at any time by clicking on these three dots. This recording is then going to be saved in your Google Drive. However, google Meet also gives everyone a notice that someone is recording this video.

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