Sitting all day, not exercising, and not paying attention to catering affects our knees. Earlier, the problem of knee pain was seen in the elderly, but now the youngster complains of knee pain and consults the doctor. When knee pain occurs in the early stages, people do not pay attention at all, but when the knee pain starts to affect the routine, try the suggested measures of the people nearby. Many people are influenced by advertisements on television and use the oil available in the market. Often people think that the pain is not high, so there is no use in going to the doctor. People start taking painkillers to reduce pain. He does not understand at all that it can be dangerous to take a painkiller or any kind of medicine without consulting a doctor. If there is persistent pain in the knees, consult a doctor in time.

In many cases, it has been observed that people run their own thing. As they say that I can take a stick now, I don't need surgery. While his knee needs surgery. People are terrified when they hear the name of surgery, their thinking is wrong. While new techniques such as Total NI Replacement (TKK) have made surgery much easier. Nevertheless, people pay attention to the operation only when they do not go away. There is a special need to understand that timely surgery reduces complications and makes you live a painless life. In many cases, it has been observed that delaying the patient makes it impossible to perform surgery.

People feel that after undergoing surgery, they will have to stay in bed for months, and artificial knees do not work naturally. In this context, let me tell you that science has now progressed so much that the incision seems too small due to minimally invasive surgery. Due to this, the patient is advised to take recourse after a few hours. Because of the patient's condition, he is discharged after being kept in the hospital for three to four days. Talking about the artificial knee, after TKR surgery, you can do everything that used to be done earlier. You can perform everyday tasks. If you are going to sit down on a chair for your work, take a walk of 10 minutes after every hour. By implementing these small things in life, you can avoid knee pain and make life healthier.

Image credit: verywellhealth