The hazardous COVID-19 second wave, which is brought about by SARS-CoV-2, keeps on unleashing devastation across India with the nation announcing three lakh cases and more than approx. 2,000 deaths per day. Be that as it may, more than 82% of COVID-19 patients in India, according to the information accessible at the Union Health Ministry, can recuperate from the disease. 

Up until now, according to the Health Ministry information, more than 1.50 crore patients have recuperated from COVID-19 in India. In spite of the fact that the greater part of the patients can recuperate from the contamination completely, they may feel sluggishness because of the eventual outcomes of the infection. Hence, it is fundamental for COVID-19 survivors to rehearse certain activities day by day to guarantee that the individual stays sound and fit. 

According to the Union Health Ministry, a recuperated COVID-19 patient, who was on an oxygen emotionally supportive network, ought to continually have a go at proning to guarantee that their O2 level stays leveled out. To perform proning, you should put your pad under your head with the chest raised. It can improve breathing solace and oxygenation. 


It is a restoratively acknowledged situation to improve breathing solace and oxygenation. It is very gainful in COVID-19 patients with traded off breathing solace, particularly during home confinement," the Health Ministry said in a proclamation. 

Situating Pillows for exercise: 

•One cushion beneath the neck 

•One or two cushions underneath the chest through upper thigs. 

•Two cushions beneath the shins 

•Pillows might be changed marginally to modify pressure territories and for solace. 

•Keep a track of any pressing factor wounds or wounds, particularly around hard prominences 


•You ought to likewise attempt pranayam to guarantee that your lungs stay solid. Following are the means to perform pranayam: 

•Close your correct nostril with your thumb and breath through the left multiple times. 

•Now close your left nostril with your thumb and breath through the correct multiple times. 

•Now discharge the correct nostril and breathe out completely through it multiple times. 

•Keep your left nostril shut and inhale through your correct nostril multiple times. 

•Now, close both of your noses and hold your breath for 16 seconds. After this, discharge one of your noses and breathe out to a check of eight. 

Inflatable exercise: 

It is a basic exercise where you swell a ballow four to five times each day. This activity keeps your lungs solid as it takes in oxygen during an inward breath and removes carbon dioxide.