To look beautiful, people often buy beauty products so that they can be beautiful and attractive. But some of these products are those that we have heard but do not know the exact way to use them, which is why the look is afraid of deteriorating.


Concealer is used to conceal dark circles and stains. But it can also spoil the makeup. Concealer gets a shade lighter from your skin tone. If you have to apply it to the under-eye area, blend it with a reverse triangle shape.

Liquid Foundation:

The foundation is a base that does not need to do more and more after installation. Its misuse can spoil the whole look. Apply it with the help of fingers for sheer coverage, take the help of foundation brush for medium or full coverage.

Eye Makeup:

While doing makeup, you may have noticed that we also put the concealer or foundation base on the eyes. Keep in mind, never use the foundation or concealer as a base while doing eye makeup. This makes the eye makeup look a little later, making a face look unattractive. To avoid this, clean the eyes and apply golden or yellow eye shadows. Then, whatever shades are to be put, they should blend one after the other.

Lip Makeup:

Usually, we start applying lipstick directly from any part. If you are also applying lipstick with the same tricks, you have to change this method. Start applying lipstick with cupid bo. Then apply to the rest of the lips. Apply lip balm by scrub for the lip makeup to stay longer.

Liquid Eyeliner:

It is difficult to put it. Often, there is a crooked line instead of a straight. To avoid this, first, make a light line from the pencil liner and then apply it on top of it.

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