Gyms Amidst Coronavirus: About 4 months later, the government has allowed gyms to open in several cities in India. On the one hand, it is good news for fitness freaks, but on the other hand, it can also increase the risk of infection. Opening the gym does not mean that the pandemic has ended. The cases of this dangerous infection are still increasing rapidly. So take precautions with the gym.

The gym's opening would have given a lot of relief to those who had been working at home for the last 4 months. By opening the gym, people will then look at fitness, which is also a good way to keep themselves away from diseases. However, take care of these 8 things when going to the gym to protect yourself and your family from coronavirus infection.

Visit the gym at a given time:

The most important thing is to come and go on time so that more people do not meet. If the people who came before you in the gym are not yet out, you have to wait outside or in your car.

Wear gym gloves and sweatbands during workouts:

Doing so will have two advantages, one you will avoid the germs of the exercise machine, and the other will not touch the face.

Don't forget to sanitize:

If you touch the machines in the gym without gloves, make your hands sanitize before touching your face or anything after workouts. Always keep the sanitizer with you.

Maintain physical distance:

Yes, it is important to maintain a physical distance in the gym as well. Do not forget that the pandemic has not yet ended, and cases are still growing rapidly. So, maintain a distance of 6 feet from all people for your safety.

Don't wear face masks during workouts:

In a place where there are more people, it is important to wear face masks. However, experts believe that masks should not be worn while exercising. This is because you get tired quickly and breathe faster when you workout. By wearing masks, you will find it difficult to breathe, even dizziness. It is better not to wear masks.

Take your own water bottle with yourself:

It is no longer correct to use water coolers and disposable glass in the gym. So take all the goods you need. At the same time, you will not be able to use locker rooms like the first, so get ready from home. Even mats for yoga should be taken.

Take Bathe after workouts:

After workouts, it is better not to bathe in the gym and bathe in the house. Come home and go straight to the bathroom. Also, immediately wash your gym clothes and shoes. Also, don't forget to sanitize your car.

Don't go if health is not good:

If you are not well, it is better to stay at home so that the rest of the people are safe. If you feel symptoms such as cold, sore throat, fever, contact the doctor immediately.

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