Delhi police are giving information about violence in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Earlier, the Delhi police headquarters met at 11 a.m. According to the report, other officials, including joint Commissioner Shalini Singh, joint chief commissioner of the fact-finding committee headed by the Commissioner of Police, were present at the meeting on the issue of uproar in JNU for the last few days. Police identify 9 persons in JNU violence. The names of Pankaj Mishra, Aishi Ghosh, Yogendra Bhardwaj, Sucheta Talukdar, Priya Ranjan, Chunchun Kumar, Vikas Patel, and Dolan Samanta. In general, we have a press conference only after the completion of the investigation. Still, we have to make a press conference because of the rumors being spread in the context of the incident, "Delhi police said.

The case is of an educational institution involving students, the Delhi police said. Because of the future of students, we are sharing information with you. Wrong information is being spread among the people about the incident in JNU. Delhi police said the performance of these students is causing distress to the common people. In Connaught Place yesterday, people were in trouble due to their appearance. Whenever we try to connect with these people, these people violate the law.

Delhi police said, on 3rd January, also, members of these organizations tampered with the server room during the protest. On 4th January, some anarchists enter the back path and severely damage the server room. A complaint has also been lodged with us in this regard. Delhi police said, winter registration is going on in JNU, which is being contested by the people of AISF, AISA, SFI, and DSF while most of the students want to register. The members of these organizations themselves are opposing the registration, and they are also threatening the students who are trying to register. It has come up in our investigation. On 5th January, at 11 a.m., some children were sitting outside the School of Social Sciences for registration. Those children were beaten up, and the security staff who are in the midst are also being pushed. Delhi police said a peace meeting was taking place near tea point near Sabarmati Hostel in JNU, during which some masked people attacked Sabarmati hostel with hand sticks. The server room was tampered. Some students were beaten up to register. The server was closed on 3rd January. On JNU violence, police said, four left organizations are against registration.

Image credit: oxibuzz