JBL has launched the Quantum series of its gaming headphones in India. The initial price ranges from Rs. 2499 to Rs. 22999. Audio equipment manufacturer JBL has shifted the range of its headphones to gaming headphones instead of common consumer headphones. The JBL Quantum series comes with 7 gaming headphones of different prices, features, and connectivity options. The top-end headset has been introduced under JBL's Quantum series. It offers features like USB connectivity and 3.5mm audio jack plus active voice cancellation.

JBL Quantum Headphones:

7 headphones have been launched in India under the JBL Quantum series. The price of Quantum 100 has been introduced at Rs 2,499, Quantum 200 at Rs 3,999, Quantum 300 at Rs 4,999, while Quantum 400 headphones have been launched at Rs 7,999 to Quantum 600 to Rs 12,999, Quantum 800 to 17,999. The top-end smartphone has been launched at Rs 22,999.

JBL Quantum Series Features:

JBL headphones are detachable or flip-up boom microphones, while different connectivity offers are offered depending on different variants. All the headphones come in with 3.5mm connectivity, while some variants will have USB 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Gaming headphones are preferred by voice leggings, 3.5mm, or USB connectivity. The JBL Quantum 600 and JBL Quantum 800 feature wireless connectivity as wireless as 2.4GHz via a separate USB dongle. The Quantum 800 will also have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. RGB lighting has been provided in all the headsets after quantum 400. JBL Quantum Engine software is currently available for Windows.

Quantum 800 and Quantum One are the most expensive headsets designed, especially for gaming. Quantum One headphones only have wired connectivity. With gaming in mind, the headphones use audio tuning, premium leather padding. All these headphones are now available on JBL's online and all offline retail channels across the country.

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