Is your child lagging behind in studies? Or your child is weak? If so, it is better to focus on his eating habits, especially breakfast, rather than paying attention to his education. In fact, the breakfast link is from the child's examination reports, and if your child goes to class without having morning breakfast, they may fail in their examination. Let me tell you how the morning breakfast is connected to a child's studies. In fact, as per a recent research, the child's breakfast affects his education. According to the research, students who do not take breakfast properly or go to school without having breakfast in the morning and aren't only lagging behind in studies, but are not able to perform much in school exams as well.

In this research, the researchers found that children who go to school after having breakfast daily perform much better in school exams, than children who do not have breakfast. Research at Leeds University in Britain brought out various unusual data about children's diet and studies. Dr. Katie Adolphs, leading researcher of the research journal, written in London's website Daily Mail dot UK, revealed that young children reading in primary classes who do not eat properly and go to school, particularly in the morning without breakfast have stunted their brain growth and they are not able to focus on studies. According to the research, in the morning, without eating anything, the children are not able to start their studies accurately.

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The research was basically conducted in London schools where most children reach school without breakfast in the morning and have a consequence on their studies as well as test results. Let me tell you that millions of children all over London are facing the issue of going to school without eating breakfast in the morning. As per Dr. Katie Adolphs, nutritional meal is directly related to the brain growth of children. Researchers observed that 30 percent of children in about 300 schools and institutes were going to school without breakfast. This research states is linked to West Yorkshire.

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Research states that nutritional food is most necessary for the mental and physical growth of children. If children get adequate food, they will not only be active in studies but also have physical growth. Let me tell you that there is a big problem of malnutrition in India also. The Indian government has launched numerous campaigns and projects to deal with this problem. The midday meal project for children has been going on for a long time in which the nourishment of children is taken care of. However, even in the metro cities of India, where the trend of individual families is increasing, the number of children entering schools without breakfast is rising swiftly. 

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