Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it's very important to ensure that you include healthy food options in your first meal of the day. Being a Diabetic patient, it is more important to include the option that has low sugar ingredients but the healthy one.


But Today everyone is on run, so they intend to miss the breakfast but that’s the most incorrect way. Cornflakes can be treated as one of the healthiest breakfasts, the main ingredient is corn. The other ingredients such as sugar, fructose syrup can be dangerous for the individual who is suffering from type 2 diabetes as they have a high glycaemic index which is harmful.


As the cornflakes can’t be taken raw, milk is been added that not only adds the sweetness level but also add the extra calorie. So, it can’t be a healthy option for anyone especially an individual who is facing health issues like diabetes.


These might be low in fat but the sugar component adds them to the wrong side. One cup of cornflakes may help you feel full for a longer time period but the added sugar will act as the harmful content for the health.

Cornflakes are a low protein food, which despite the fact that causes you to feel satisfied in the wake of finishing the breakfast but it brings back the food cravings following a couple of hours. You will discover numerous cornflakes brands elevating the item to be ideal for weight reduction. Eating cornflakes in high sums can rather make you put on weight and raises your sugar levels and it can be dangerous for the diabetic patient.

Further adding nectar or sugar to the grain expands the sugar content, putting you more in danger of putting on weight. Cells need glucose for endurance. In any case; a lot of utilization can build the GI prompting medical issues in diabetic patients.


So, this made you realize that what you thought to be a healthy breakfast maybe adding a little extra pound and creating more problems for your diabetes. If you love having the bowl of cornflakes you can easily switch to, flaxes made up of wheat or oatmeal but make sure you use the low-fat milk with it. To make it more interesting and lip-smacking you can experiment with fruits such as berries, bananas, apples, and also you can add the nuts to make it crunchier. As well as these nuts add to your fiber, protein, and healthy fats.


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