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All The Teal lovers is the house raise your hands!!! Our day is here , whether you are the green tea, black tea or milk tea lover, take the timeout and relish your cup of tea.

Global Tea Day is commended all over the world on May 21. As the name recommends, it celebrates presumably the world's most revered drink which is tea. The unlimited discussions about which is better out of tea and espresso will go on however the endless tea fans will consistently take a gander at their most loved 'chai' as the best consistently.

The day is praised generally and is advanced by the United Nations as it is burned-through in enormous sums in a few nations. Taking a gander at its therapeutic just as social importance, it is protected to say that it is a significant well known refreshment.

Here, in India, tea is a drink and chai is a feeling. From the popular 'slicing chai' to 'masala chai', 'adrak chai,' 'baked chai,' and so on, Therefore, it isn't difficult to accept that today is unquestionably a day to appreciate for the chai darlings around us.

Worldwide Tea day Significance

The objective of International Tea Day is to expand familiarity with tea's long history and social and monetary significance all throughout the planet. The day's motivation is to advance and support aggregate activities to execute drives on the side of reasonable tea creation and utilization, just as to build familiarity with tea's significance in the fight against yearning and neediness.

Worldwide Tea Day endeavors to bring governments and residents all through the world's thoughtfulness regarding the effect of the worldwide tea exchange on laborers and producers and has been identified with calls for value supports and reasonable exchange.

Fun Facts About Tea:

• Tea is one of the world's most established refreshments and generally mainstream after water.

• Records propose that tea had begun in upper east India, north Myanmar and in southwest China.

• There is proof that tea was burned-through in China somewhere in the range of 5,000 years prior.


• Tea manors give work to a large number of cultivators and tea bequest laborers around the world.