In most houses, the morning begins with a cup of hot tea, but if you choose the option of black, green or herbal tea instead of milk and sugar tea, you will see a lot of improvement in health. On International Tea Day, let's know about these different kinds of tea and the benefits they have.

Tulsi Tea:

Tulsi is considered to be very virtuous in Ayurveda. The antioxidant-rich basil is used to enhance the flavor of milk-rich tea, but you can also prepare tea by mixing only basil, lemon juice, and honey, which is very beneficial for your stomach, eyes, kidneys, liver, and heart. You can also easily reduce your weight by drinking these teas 2 times a day.

Green Tea:

Green tea has a variety of antioxidants that increase metabolism. This makes it easier to lose weight. At the same time, daily drinking reduces the chances of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart attack to a great extent. In addition, it has many qualities that benefit your skin along with health. This tea strengthens the hair by removing wrinkles from the face.

Herbal Tea:

Its regular intake has many benefits. It keeps the mind calm, and health is good. This strengthens the digestive system and keeps the body clean from within. It's drinking also keeps energy-rich. It helps in eliminating stress. It also gives salvation to colds. It is also consumed for sleep well. The biggest thing is that its intake does not seem to be an addiction to caffeine like mango tea. The most important thing is that, like traditional tea, it does not need to be mixed with milk and sugar.

Black Tea: 

Black Tea high is beneficial in cholesterol, diarrhea, digitization, and asthma. The flavanols present in black tea are a nutrient that helps to keep the brain healthy. This reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia to a great extent. Black tea has a high amount of tannin, so it keeps our digestive tract healthy and also helps in eliminating the problem of acidity.

Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint is rich in medicinal properties. The herbal tea made from it is drunk all over the world. Mint is considered beneficial for the digestive system. That is why it is used in chutney and cold beverages.

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