Instagram has launched a new feature to deal with trollers on Tuesday. With this, Instagram users will now be able to delete negative comments on their accounts in bulk. People will also be able to block multiple accounts of negative users. On Instagram, a new feature has been launched to facilitate users to maintain a positive environment on their account. New updates have been reported through blog posts on behalf of Instagram.

A maximum of 25 negative comments can be deleted at a time: 

Instagram users will be able to delete a maximum of 25 negative comments at a time. Android users will be able to delete negative comments directly by the press and hold. While iOS users will have to tap on the comment. Then the dotted icon will appear on the top right corner. In this way, users will be able to delete that comment. In addition, several other options have also been given to delete negative comments in bulk.

The link will be able to comment more than one pin:

Instagram has so far allowed users to use their best posts as pin comments in the top box, which the company has now started testing. Instagram will soon launch a new PIN comment feature, allowing users to paste more than one post as a pinned comment on top. Instagram will also give another feature update that will give users the flexibility to manage posts. Meaning users will be able to set who can tag and mention it on Instagram. For this, everyone, only people you follow, and No one option will be there.

Instagram Lite's advanced version may launch:

Meanwhile, the company has also discontinued the Instagram Lite app. Instagram Lite has been launched by the company for mass audiences, which could also run on slow internet speeds. The app was launched on the Google Play Store in June 2018, which was announced to close on April 13, 2020. It is expected that the company can launch its advanced verge.

The firm says the tests for this feature have been positive, and you can enable the feature to follow these steps on iOS and Android.

Step 1: Tap the comment in the post.

Step 2: Tap the dotted icon on the right corner.

Step 3: Then select the management comment.

Step 4: Select the comments you want to delete. You can choose 25 comments at a time.

Step 5: Go to the peacock option and block or account.

This way, you can remove negative comments and also highlight positive comments. Soon the testing of body comments on the app will also start.

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