Indigo Airline: Indigo, a different Indian airline, has received a considerable fine. For some systemic flaws in the documentation about operations, training, and engineering procedures, the aviation industry's regulatory body, DGCA, fined airline IndiGo Rs 30 lakh. Four' tail hit' accidents involving Indigo's A321 aircraft occurred during a six-month period this year, which prompted the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to conduct a special audit of the airline.


What is a 'tail strike'?

Let us explain that a 'tail strike' occurs when an aircraft's 'tail' begins to contact the runway during takeoff or landing.


DGCA gave information.

According to a news release by the DGCA on Friday, documentation and procedures about Indigo's operating, training, engineering, and FDM (flight data monitoring) programs were examined during the audit. The special audit reportedly discovered several systemic flaws in the operational/training procedures and papers about the engineering procedures.


Show cause notice issued.

A show-cause notice was given to the airline in this situation. According to the DGCA, the airline's response was "assessed at several levels and was not satisfactory."


30 lakh fine has been imposed.

The press statement states that "DGCA fined IndiGo airline Rs 30 lakh and directed it to amend its documents and procedures in compliance with DGCA rules and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) guidelines."