If you have missed the train, you can also receive a partial ticket refund if you return your ticket to the ticket window before the travel time expires (Indian Railways refund rules).


However, most train passengers carry their tickets on their phones rather than in their pockets. Still, some passengers book train tickets at the ticket counter.


It disappears while you're traveling, the adventure of the entire trip is ruined. After spending the money, they watch the gate to see if TT will arrive.


If the TT catches you, a fine will be assessed, you'll have to face humiliation in front of everyone, and you'll never know what thoughts will cross your mind.


But there is absolutely no reason to worry. The ticket checker cannot allow you without a ticket or impose a steep fee if your ticket is misplaced.


In reality, Indian Railways offers its passengers a wide range of amenities. So we should understand these laws. So, no railway staff may harass you while aboard the train or at the station. By adhering to the guidelines, you can save TTE money.


Similarly to this, the Railways have different policies for misplaced tickets. However, if the guidelines are not understood, the person who checks tickets takes advantage and can take the fine.


A new ticket may be issued.

If your ticket is lost and you do not have a backup in your phone, you can purchase a new ticket for Rs. 50. If a ticket is lost, get in touch with TTE right once, explain the situation, and request a new ticket. On this occasion, the TTE may issue a new ticket for an additional fee.


You will receive a new ticket with a 50% fee if you report the loss of your ticket before the creation of the reservation chart.


For onward journey

Your ticket can be extended to the next station if, for any reason, you need to continue traveling after the fixed station. For this, an additional cost must be paid.


Platform Ticket

If you have a platform ticket and need to take the train for some reason, this ticket will come in very handy for you. In this circumstance, you can get in touch with the TTE operating the train to obtain a ticket issued for the distance you need to travel. TTE may be able to issue you a ticket in this case by adding a fine to the ticket price. TTE will generate the ticket based on the platform ticket from the same station where you purchased the platform ticket.