For large distances, railroads are regarded as the best form of transportation. The railroads may also have canceled your reservation ticket if you take the train. Indian Railways frequently cancels several trains for various reasons. Trains often must be canceled because of emergencies, maintenance issues, protests, or other factors.


The passengers who have already made reservations with the railroad must deal with many difficulties due to the train's cancellation. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep the train running in such a case, but we can anticipate receiving our ticket money back. In this article, we'll explain how to request a refund if your train tickets are canceled.


Refund of tickets that are booked online

If you purchased your train tickets online, you wouldn't have to worry about getting your money back. Your ticket's payment will automatically be credited to the source account if the train is canceled. Again, there is nothing you need to do about this. Although the railway promises 7-8 working days, most customers typically receive their refunds in 2–3 days.


File TDR after taking the ticket from the counter

Your ticket will be deemed invalid if you purchased a train ticket at the arrival ticket counter and the train is postponed for any reason. You must submit a TDR for a refund (Ticket Deposit Receipt). You then receive a refund for your train ticket.


How to file TDR?

You must first visit the IRCTC website to request a refund for a train ticket through TDR. You must first log in here. Then, visit the TDR link and enter the PNR number, train number, and captcha code. OTP must then be entered. You will then view all of the PNR information. After that, select "Refund" from the menu. A confirmation notification will then appear on your phone's screen. The information for the bank account where you want to receive the refund must then be provided. You will receive a refund for the canceled train ticket by following this procedure.