Rail service is being impacted across the country by the cold and fog. Trains are arriving hours late at the station, due to which the passengers deal with many issues. Many of us are unaware of the unique amenities that Indian Railways offers. People are prevented from using the amenities in such a condition. Today, we'll discuss the facilities offered to passengers by the railways when a train is running late due to fog.


There is an arrangement for breakfast and food.

Let us inform you that Indian Railways offers additional amenities to passengers if their train is delayed or delayed for any other cause. For example, passengers are entitled to free breakfast and food if a train is delayed by two hours or longer, per an Indian Railways special rule.


A special facility will be available on these trains.

Only a few particular express trains are available for this facility. Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and Duronto Express are some of these trains. In the winter, trains frequently arrive hours late due to fog. If your train is also running late, in this case, you should make use of this facility. By the way, IRCTC offers this service when the train is running late, but if the meal does not arrive, it's your right to request it.


Additional items with tea and coffee.

Additionally, Indian Railways offers tea or coffee and pastries for breakfast. Also, four pieces of bread with butter are provided with tea or coffee during the evening breakfast. In addition, lunch is served in the afternoon, including veggies, roti, and pulses. Puri is occasionally included in lunch menus.