Twitter on Thursday confirmed that the Twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's personal website was hacked and then asked to donate to the cryptocurrency in a series of tweets. Twitter said it is aware of the hack of Modi's website's Twitter account and has taken steps to protect the account. A Twitter spokesperson issued a statement saying, "We are actively investigating the matter. At this time, we are not aware of the impact of other Twitter accounts." However, the Prime Minister's Office has not yet responded to the comments.

The Twitter account of Narendra Modi's personal website has over 25 lakh followers. The hacker tweeted from the same handle and asked to donate bitcoin to the relief fund. Tweets for donations were deleted shortly after Modi's personal website and app's Twitter account was hacked.

What tweets the hacker made from Narendra Modi's twitter account: 

Modi's personal website's hacked Twitter account asked the prime minister to donate to the National Relief Fund in cryptocurrencies. The hacker tweeted another from the hacked account," This account has been hacked by John Vic, we haven't hacked Paytm Mall." Some media reports say that the same group named John Vic was named as Paytm Mall data theft.

The tweet about donating to the relief fund was deleted within minutes, and the account was corrected by Twitter about half an hour later. The hackers hacked the Twitter accounts of several well-known people in the month of July. These included former U.S. President Barack Obama, former U.S. vice president and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, tech companies such as Apple, Uber, businessman Elon Musk. The hackers had resorted to the Twitter account of reputed people and tried to carry out a major bitcoin scam. About 45 Twitter accounts were fakely tweeted and asked to provide digital currency.

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