Tuesday came as a disappointment for all those cricket lovers who were expecting the win. It came as a shock for audiences as cricket lovers we expected that Team India shall win, as the team is in their best form. 


India lost the first test match from the on-going 4 matches series of a test match, the first one was going on in Chennai. The team has fit key personal like Virat Kholi, Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and R Ashwin are available and fit for the test. As expected the team was in the best format after winning the series in Australia. Currently, England is ranking in the fourth position in ICC ranking for test teams. Currently, team India is in the form that has each and every fit member. Initially when the test match started everyone was hoping that India will win, but as the match proceeded further the match has taken the move in the favour of England.


After losing the test Virat Kohli even gave the statement that team England was more professional and active on the ground. The team was overconfident after winning the Australia series, so even having the fit players on board the team doesn’t go on the route to win. 


If we discuss the factors why India lose then go through the below points:


  • Toss: Lossing the toss was one of bad start for the Indian team, as the first point of decision straightly went into the hands of Team England. The ground favored Team England and the score of 578 in the first inning was only best. 
  • Sensible Batting By Team England: England has set the batting order adequate, the partnership of Rory burns and dom Sibley,  after that Sibley and root and then ben stokes and root have sailed the team and get them on the road to win.
  • Pitch: The pitch was in favor of the team who batted first, as the pitch was ready and soft. So setting the batting order correctly helped the team England to achieve the higher score.

The team England won the match by its effort and India lost due to overconfidence and as well as things don’t turn up good for them. So, the fans are hoping may the team India lost its first match maybe they can achieve the win in the upcoming three matches.


Image Credit: espncricinfo.com