India started it’s huge covid-19 vaccine drive on 17th January under which Covaxine and CovoShield were given to all the front line workers.  

The Ministry of External Affairs said that the government received a request from the neighbouring countries to supply Indian manufactured covid-19 vaccines.  

The Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement that "In response to these requests, and in keeping with India's stated commitment to use India's vaccine production and delivery capacity to help all of humanity fight the Covid-19 pandemic, supplies under grant assistance to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles will begin from 20 January 2021,"  

The vaccine will also be delivered to Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Afghanistan once they confirm necessary regulatory clearances.  

"It will ensure that domestic manufacturers will have adequate stocks to meet domestic requirements while supplying abroad," the MEA said in its statement.  

150,000 doses of Indian Manufactured Covid-19 vaccine will reach Bhutanese capital Thimphu while another Indian Manufactured Covid-19 Vsccine of 100,000 doses will be sent to Maldives on Wednesday.  

"India is deeply honoured to be a long-trusted partner in meeting the healthcare needs of the global community. Supplies of Covid vaccines to several countries will commence tomorrow, and more will follow in the days ahead. #VaccineMaitri," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Twitter.  

"India fulfils commitment to give vaccines to humanity. Supplies to our neighbours will start on 20th January. The Pharmacy of the World will deliver to overcome the Covid-19 challenge," External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Twitter.

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