Arvind Kejriwal Says, Covid Vaccine will be free for all In Delhi. He has appealed to the Central Government that Covid-19 vaccine should be free of cost to the nation but if Center will not agree to it, He would still do it for the Delhi people.  

The trucks left the Serum Institute of India premises at Manjari and arrived at the air terminal. The Covid Vaccination in India was  dispatched to 13 areas in India, the source said.  

Kejriwal said, "I request everyone to not spread misinformation about Covid vaccine. I had appealed to the Central government that Covid vaccination should be provided free of cost to all. If Centre does not do it and a need arises, the vaccine will be provided for free to people of Delhi”.  

"We had started a scheme to encourage corona warriors and under it, I have come to provide help of ₹1 cr to the family. His wife is educated and we will recruit her in the Delhi government," he said.  

Covid-19 vaccine complete course contains 2 shots. You should get your second shot for the Pfizer-BioNTech 3 weeks (or 21 days) after your first shot.

He also visited Dr Hitesh Gupta’s Family who lost his life during his Covid-19 duty.  

On Wednesday, Coronavirus cases in India rose to 10,495,147. the ministry's dashboard confirmed that  the total number of recovered cases rose  to 10,129,111.  

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In Image: Arvind Kejriwal who announced Free Covid-19 vaccine for the nation. He further confirms that If the center does not agree, He will make Covid-19 vaccine free for all the people in Delhi.