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Bank Holiday in June 2023: Banking is a crucial aspect of everyday life for most individuals. One must visit the bank for all tasks, including getting draughts and taking money out of an account. Additionally, the RBI has mandated the replacement of Rs. 2,000 notes.


By 30 September 2023, you can exchange a 2000 Rupee Note at any bank (2000 Rupee Note Exchange). In this case, remember that June is jam-packed with holidays if you need to visit the bank to finish any vital work (June 2023 Bank Holiday List). So you won't have to worry about anything later if you get through the bank holidays in June 2023 in this circumstance.


How many days will banks remain closed in June 2023?

For the benefit of its clients, the Reserve Bank of India publishes a list of bank holidays in June each month. The holidays in this list were chosen based on state festivals and significant anniversaries.


Speaking of June, due to the Rath Yatra, Kharchi Puja, and Eid ul Azha, banks will be closed in numerous states on days other than Saturdays and Sundays this month. In this instance, there will be a 12-day complete bank holiday in June 2023. So come, we're going to tell you about the state-specific bank holidays. 


Banks will remain closed on these days, June 2023.

June 4- Sunday

June 10- Second Saturday

June 11- Sunday

June 15- Mizoram and Odisha due to Raja Sankranti

June 18- Sunday

June 20- Odisha due to Rath Yatra

June 24- Fourth Saturday

June 25- Sunday

June 26- Tripura due to Kharchi Puja

June 28- Kerala, Maharashtra, Jammu, and Kashmir due to Eid Ul Azha

June 29- Eid ul Azha

June 30- Reema Eid Ul Azha Banks will remain closed in Mizoram, Odisha


How do you work on a bank holiday?

The ways in which banks operate have undergone significant change due to the times. For example, people can effortlessly move money from one account to another in the modern era by using mobile and online banking at home. Additionally, you can withdraw cash from an ATM. In addition to this, you can transfer money between accounts using UPI without traveling to the bank.