Amidst the increasing cases of coronavirus, people are being urged to take all the precautions. Through awareness messages, people are being denied leave of homes without need. It is understood that serious corona patients have difficulty breathing. They have to give oxygen support when they grow up. In serious cases, patients need a ventilator. Initially, when the corona cases were increasing in the country, it was said that the governments did not have enough ventilators, but later on, the problem was removed because of adequate supply. Among the corona infections, scientists were engaged in making cheaper ventilators, and Indian scientists have succeeded.

Named 'Prana-Vayu':

Amidst the continued corrosion of coronavirus, scientists have prepared the cheapest ventilator in India. The team of IIT Roorkee and AIIMS Rishikesh has been able to prepare a very cheap ventilator. A team of engineers and doctors from both the institutions has prepared a full indigenous ventilator, named 'Prana-Vayu.'

Price extremely low:

According to Ravikant, director, AIIMS, Rishikesh, the ventilator was technically developed about two and a half months ago. The 'Prana-Vayu' has been found successful in the trial at AIIMS Rishikesh. Normally, a ventilator costs millions, but the director of AIIMS said that the cost of this ventilator will be only between 25,000 and 30,000 rupees.

Full Indigenous's New Ventilator:

According to officials, 'Prana-Vayu' is a fully indigenous ventilator. Ventilator technology and all its parts are also indigenous. The ventilator 'Prana-Vayu,' developed under the joint aegis of IIT Roorkee and AIIMS Rishikesh, was being tested at AIIMS Rishikesh since then and has been found to be entirely successful in all types of medical tests.

Make in India Ventilator Ready:

In fact, the coronavirus penetrates into our body and attacks the lungs directly. This makes the patient difficult to breathe. In this case, it is placed on a ventilator, with the help of the machine supplying oxygen. It costs more, but now the country is ready for a very cheap ventilator. Scientists have achieved this success when the boycott of Chinese goods and indigenous adoption is under discussion in the country. It is understood that coronavirus cases are increasing very fast in the country. In the national capital, there are countless cases of corona infection every day. Meanwhile, the Kejriwal government has decided to give pulse oximeter to home quarantine patients to check the amount of oxygen in the body. This will enable the patient to be admitted to the hospital after ascertaining the seriousness of the patient's condition based on the investigation.

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