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If you are a food lover that is crazy about food, then today is your day, As March 30 is observed as World Idli Day, so you have the chance to get yourself rolling with yummy idli on your menu. In a rundown of unique days, World Idli Day is additionally celebrated. Indeed, you read that right! The intriguing day is seen on March 30 and was first recognized in 2015 by Eniyavan, an Idli caterer from Chennai. It was commended in an exceptional manner as Eniyavan made around 1,328 Idli to praise this day and a cake of 44 kg Idli was cut by an authority on March 30, 2015, to notice this day as World Idli day. Indeed, did you realize Idli was first begun in Indonesia as aged food and it came to India in 800-1200 CE? Indeed, you read that right. This flavourful south Indian dish is mainstream on the planet and individuals appreciate Idli with Sambhar and chutney. In front of World Idli Day, we are bringing a rundown of various sorts of Idli that you can take a stab at this event: 

Kanchipuram Idli 

This Idli is made with Rava and rice and it is loaded up with every one of the sound supplements and it is presented with ghee and coconut chutney which makes it a significantly more luscious supper.

Rava Idli 

This Idli is pan-fried and is presented with coconut and mint chutney. It has an ideal hot and fiery flavor that will fill your heart with joy. 

Moong Dal Idli 

This Idli is made with a combination of Moong and rice that is sprinkled with green chilies, mustard seed, and onion. This is presented with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Oats Idli 

Oats are a good dinner for an individual and envision it as Idli. Wouldn't it be astonishing? This is an exceptionally nutritious type of Idli and it will likewise help you in choosing a superior way of life. 

So, celebrate this unique day with scrumptious and delicious idli in your meals.

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