It is the time to feel proud moment for India, as Hyderabad is named as the Tree City of 2020 by the World Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). This award is presented in lieu of maintaining and growing urban forests.

After this affirmation list, Hyderabad joins an organization of similarly invested urban areas that perceive the significance of trees in building solid, tough, and glad urban communities. Hyderabad acquired acknowledgment in the Foundation's second year of the program alongside 51 different urban areas around the world (120 urban communities from 63 nations evaluated) and the solitary city in India to get this acknowledgment up until now. The greater part of the urban areas was from the US, UK, Canada, Australia among different nations. 

Complimenting Hyderabad on procuring 2020 Tree Cities of the world acknowledgment, Dan Lambe, President, Arbor Day Foundation, said "your city is essential for a significant worldwide organization driving the path in metropolitan and local area ranger service. Presently like never, trees and woods are a crucial part of sound bearable, and manageable urban areas and towns around the planet. Hyderabad's obligation to viable metropolitan backwoods the executives is assisting with guaranteeing a superior future for its occupants." 

Telangana's Haritha Haram, the tree estate drive, has assumed a major part in the city acquiring this tag. The worldwide acknowledgment comes for Hyderabad serendipitously a day after the city drove the state in praising the birthday of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, set apart by an activity to plant one crore saplings to check the day, an activity drove by Parliamentarian J. Santosh.