If you have some old phones that are in the drawer, you shouldn't sell them. You can make different and most unique use of them. You can use these old phones as a security camera. After which it is going to be your hand in the security of your home. You can use a phone as a baby monitor. Or for example you can use it as a makeshift Google Home speaker. These are some of the best ideas that you can use to give your old phone a new look. However, one of the best ideas is that you can use your old phone as your home security camera.

Run a security camera app on your old phone:

For starters, you need to choose a security camera app on your old phone. In many apps you can find the same features. As you get local streaming, get cloud streaming, get recordings, you also have the facility to store footage remotely or locally. Also you get motion detection and alerts. Once set up, you can control the security camera from any place to your home or home. You can do this through your new phone. The best part is to use your phone as a security camera, i.e., Alfred. It's cross-platform, it doesn't matter if your old phone is an Android phone or it's an iOS-based Apple's iPhone. Something like that you can do with your new phone too.

Alfred is free and gives you a remote view of the live feed, plus you also get motion detection. And also you get the alert. You get free cloud storage. You also get a two-way audio feed. This is because it gives you information through both front and rear cameras.

What to do:

First you have to go to Android or iOS storage and put the Alfred app in both your new and old phones, so you can also do it with your new and old tablets. Namely, download the Alfred app on both your phones. Then you're going to see the start button after you click on it, you're going to get a viewer, select it and proceed.

Now you're going to ask you to sign in here, you can sign it in with your Google account. You need a Google account to be here.

You have to do something similar in your old phone, although in the old phone you have to select the camera instead of the viewer. Then you also have to make sure that you have signed in with the same account in both the fos.

Now your setup is completely done, now you have to get your phone to the right place in your home, after which you are going to get the right information on your other phone. 

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