More than half of the world's population has access to the Internet, and at least two-thirds of them use social media. 5 to 10 percent of Internet users have admitted that they are not able to reduce their time spent on social media. Scans of their brains appear to be messed up in the brain where drugs appear in their brains.

Our emotions, concentration, and part of the brain that control decisions are quite adversely affected. People also feel pseudo-happiness when using social media because at that time the brain is getting signals like "reward" without much effort. That's why the brain wants more and more signals that make you reach social media again and again. That's what addiction is. When you're chatting with a friend or happy to watch a video, and then that helps to increase your work efficiency. You may consider it multitasking, but actually doing so makes the mind lose the ability to recognize "distracting" things separately, and does not find the information that is constantly being found in the memory of the brain. The mobile phone is kept in the bag or in the pocket, and you're believing that the phone might have rung or vibrated. If this happens too often, know that it is called "Phantom Vibration Syndrome," and it can be really problematic for you. When there is a kind of itching in the brain, it considers it a vibration that the body feels. It seems that technology has started playing from our nervous system. Posting taken pictures on social media with your most spectacular, revolving, or famous people. Sharing what came to mind and updating status several times a day is proof that you need people's feedback and attention on social media to understand your life meaningfully. This means that the secretion of the happy hormone dopamine in your brain depends on others, or you may have depression.

Social media alone is enough for those parts of the mind that are motivated, feel loved, or gain extreme happiness. If you feel that there are many people viewing and reading your posts, this sensation increases. It is detected by a large number of "likes" and "followers" on Twitter, which the Facebook post receives. It also has a surprising advantage. Some studies on dating show that the romance of couples who first meet on social media is more successful. They consider each other far more special and prefer more. This may be because social media has immense potential for imagination about your partner in the virtual world.

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