Android smartphones are easy to use and all-out-of-understanding compared to iOS. By and large, it can be said that android smartphones can be run by anyone, whether it is a child, a grown or elderly, it is all understandable smartphones. In addition, users also get the freedom in Android to customize their device according to them. Users can also change their home screen in the android system accordingly. Also, you can change your alarm, etc. according to your own as you want. You can also change ringtones, etc., according to different users, by and large, it is a platform that lets you act accordingly. Now comes a great feature of Android, the split-screen mode, tells you that this mode gives you the freedom to run two apps simultaneously at the same time in your Android smartphone.

For example, if you're watching a great movie or a show on YouTube, or you're doing it on another OTT app, and in the meantime, you get a necessary mail or message that you'll have to answer, now you'll need to body this video and reply to this message in that app or mail. , but through split mode, you can reply to this WhatsApp message or mail without having to turn off this video, i.e., you can also continue watching this video at the same time, and also reply to it. Now, how can you do this? Today, we are going to tell you about this...

How to use split-screen mode in Android smartphones

For this, you must first go to the home screen of your Android smartphone, and you will then have to tap on the recent apps button on the bottom left corner. Now you're going to see a cascading menu here, here you can see all the apps you've recently opened. You then have to tap and hold on any app with which you want to use split-screen mode. Now you're going to see a menu box, here you need to tap on the Split Screen View option. Now you can select another app that you want to use in split-screen mode. If you want to come out of this split-screen now, to tell you that you have to click on the black bar between the two apps, now you swipe it in this direction, you are going to come out of this screen.

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