Routine allows you to execute multiple Google Home actions with one command. For example, if you call your Google Home device "good morning," you can turn on your light, get information about traffic and weather, and ask for it about upcoming appointments. Currently, there are only six routine commands available: Good Morning, Bedtime, I'm Leaving, I'm Home, Let's Go To Work and Let Go Home. You'll need to go to Google's support page to find a complete list of all these routines, go here and get all the information about these routine commands, although you can also get information from here, today we're going to tell you in this article how you can set it up. Let's start now and know about them..!

  1. First, open your Google Assistant app, then click on the icon that is visible on the upper right corner.
  2. Now choose the assistant from the four tabs, i.e., (You, Assistant, Services, Home).
  3. Then after the scroll down, you are going to see the routines, select them.
  4. Now you have to select the plus sign, it's going to look at the bottom left corner, through which you can create a new routine.
  5. You can now choose any phrase you want to use, you can take anything, for example, Good Morning, Tell me about my day, or you can also choose I'm up, or you have to take another phrase, you can write here.
  6. Schedule your routine, you can choose a time when your routine should be activated, and you can also choose the day when you want to repeat this routine.
  7. Choose the action that Google Assistant is going to perform, if you have an Android phone, turn your phone on silent mode for the assistant.
  8. Turn on or turn off smart home devices, if you have some other smart home devices that are connected to Google Home, you have to turn this routine on.
  9. Also, here you are going to find much other information, now you can easily follow the screen and choose them, and use them.

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